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The Return of Gaming

With phase 3 coming to Virginia on July 1st, we are excited to announce gaming returning to the store. We will be reopening our downstairs gaming room on Wednesday with some caveats:

1. The maximum occupancy of the gaming room is ten people.

2. Masks that cover both the mouth and nose must be worn at all times.

3. No food or drink allowed in the premises.

4. The room must be reserved ahead of time for a $20 deposit. After your game is done, a member of the staff will make sure that your group has cleaned up after itself and wiped down the table and chairs (we will provide paper towels and cleaner), at which point you get your deposit back. If your group does not show up after half an hour of the time at which the room was reserved for, you forfeit your time slot and your deposit.

5. Breaking of the rules (removing your mask, bringing in food) will result in your removal from the store and the forfeit of your deposit.

Our hours will also be changing, to accommodate gaming. We will be open from 11:00am to midnight on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. We look forward to providing a healthy environment for all your gaming needs.

With that exiting news out of the way, here's what came in new this week. Age of Sigmar: Lumineth Ream Lords Infinity: Code One

Infinity Code One: Battle Pack Beyond Kaldstrom Expansion Pack Flip-Mat: Cathedral Starfinder AP: The Cradle Infestation (The Threefold Conspiracy 5 of 6)

Starfinder: Pawns- Near Space

Starfinder: Flip-Tiles- Space Station Starter Set

Pathfinder 2E AP- The Apocalypse Prophet (Extinction Curse 6 of 6)

Blade Runner 2049: Nexus Protocol

Pokemon TCG: Trainer's Toolkit

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