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New in Gaming: Week of 12/13/2019

Warhammer: Start Collecting Slaves to Darkness

Warhammer: Battletome Slaves to Darkness

Warhammer: Corvus Cabal

Warhammer: Cypher Lords

Warhammer: Iron Golem

Warhammer: The Splintered

Warhammer: The Unmade

Warhammer: Untamed Beasts

Warhammer: Warcroll Cards Slaves to Darkness

Ork Air Waaaaagh! Grot Bombers

Blood Bowl: Fire Mountain Gut Busters

Blood Bowl: Ogre Team Dice, Cards, Pitch & Dugout

Flip Mat: City gates

Flip Tiles: Darklands Peril

Starfinder: Hive of Minds

Pathfinder 2E: Broken Promises


Marvel Crisis Protocol: Black Panther and Kilmonger


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